Matt Prior

Matt Prior

Episode 136


Why Life’s Biggest Adventure Starts When You Stop

I build the journey that allows the best of nature to do its best and then I don’t say a word.

Matt Prior loves exploring and discovering nature.

As a pilot, Adventure Consultant for Red Bull, and founder of the World’s First Adventure Academy, Matt has exploration running through his blood. He lives a life fuelled by curiosity and presence; a life which has seen him visit over 120 countries, climb peaks in five continents, and take part in a collection of badass expeditions – all on a shoestring.

Matt’s been featured in everything from CNN to Men’s Journal, Red Bull, Outside Magazine, and Business Insider. His overland expertise and willingness to push boundaries means National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and the BBC have also approached him.

And while Matt thrives on the rush and growth of high-adrenaline experiences and adventures, he also loves the groundedness he feels when he’s present in nature.

Nature is a potent teacher for Matt. For Matt, nature is the great reset button; a place where he can dissolve his ego and learn what it takes to live an incredible life – just by observing nature.

In our current world of turbulence, uncertainty, and rapid change, Matt’s experiences are a powerful reminder that sometimes the biggest adventures start when you learn to stop and just BE.

Here’s a taste of all the awesome things Matt and I discuss in this beautiful conversation.

  1. How curiosity and presence empowered Matt to navigate some big life challenges.
  2. Why values can be the foundation for purpose.
  3. What billionaire rags to riches stories have in common.
  4. How perspective can change your life.
  5. The parable of the broken vase.
  6. Why there can be beauty in the suck.
  7. Why Matt is drawn to adversity.
  8. When did we learn to resist our humanity?
  9. How you can learn everything from nature.
  10. And more!

Nature is ready to give you a masterclass in how to live and how to embrace your humanity. You just gotta spend time in it and time observing it.

Matt Prior