Kristi Worful

Kristi Worful

Episode 135


Why Are You So Afraid Of The Way You Feel?

Every emotion serves us, but once we know how it’s serving us and why, now we have a choice of how to use it as a tool.

There’s no question that our minds are a beautiful tool for enhancing our human experience. But what happens when you overuse your mind and neglect the wisdom in your body and feelings?  If you rely on one aspect of self, you’re not coming from a place of wholeness. If you’re not tapping into the emotions created by your body, you’re missing out on a whole chunk of knowledge ready to enrich your experience of life.

There’s just one problem…

Why are we so afraid of the way we feel? Fortunately, this episode’s guest – the magical Kristi Worful – has some much-needed answers.

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with their emotions. From a young age, we’re taught that some feelings are good while others are bad. We’re taught that some emotions are OK to express while others need to be pushed right back down. It’s left us in a state of confusion and distrust about what our body is ready to teach us.

It can take courage to experience your emotions fully. But as you’ll hear in this episode, the more you allow, the bigger your capacity becomes for richness, fullness, and unapologetic self-expression.

If you choose, your emotions can be your gateway to expression and purpose.

As the creator of Sanga and an experienced consciousness practitioner, Kristi Worful is highly skilled at empowering people to explore, work with, and process their full emotional spectrum.

Sanga is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. This empowering ecosystem blends the art and science of human transformation. Through her studio in Utah, Kristi guides clients through an immersive sound and visual art experience, which opens the subconscious mind and rewires the brain for creativity and healing. It’s a magical experience that helps people connect with their heart, tune into their desires, and connect more fully with their higher self.

Listen to this episode to hear about:

  • The specific stages of human awakening.
  • How do you build the courage to trust your intuition?
  • Why is it so hard to be honest with yourself?
  • What is authenticity?
  • The true purpose of desire.
  • How do you make a decision when you fear it will cause your life to unravel?
  • Tips for working with your emotional patterns.
  • The transformational impact of accessing a healing space

Kristi Worful