Rob Sirstins

Rob Sirstins

Episode 134


How To Heal And Find Safety In A Life You Don't Belong In

EP 134 I’m living a life that I absolutely love. I’m surrounded by a tribe of people that I absolutely love, just simply because I started with the, “What if?”

Rob was an abandoned child. As a baby, he was raised by his four-year-old sister until a white, Mormon family adopted them both. Raised by a loving family in a predominantly middle-class white community, Rob endured racial abuse. He was spat on, called names, and beat up. The feeling of not belonging would not go away. He eventually found an outlet for his anger and confusion in sport. On the court or field, race and color didn’t matter and after achieving a scholarship to play football at Utah, he thought his life would start working out. But despite being around black people for the first time, he still didn’t fit in.

Rob sunk into a dark depression and began fantasizing about how he’d end his life. He hit rock bottom in his mid-30s when everything fell apart. His marriage ended, his start-up failed, and he was done with the pain. But something told him to put down the gun…

Rob’s suicide attempt became a powerful catalyst that turned his life around. By deciding he wanted to live, Rob discovered the strength to embrace his blank canvas. At the time, he had no idea who he was, but he was committed to figuring it out.

Trauma makes your scope narrow; healing creates a new perspective that brings forth better opportunities and options. Free of dogma and the need to fulfil family traditions, Rob was able to define himself. In the process, he discovered his dream career, his purpose, and a sense of belonging. Now, Rob is an empowerment coach who works off feeling and intuition; truly identifying where his clients want to go and what they want to accomplish. He calls his work Warrior Work, which is all about identifying who you truly are.

Rob’s story is a powerful reminder that where you start doesn’t have to be where you end up. It’s a story of courage, commitment, and a passion to create an extraordinary life – even when everything is stacked against you. Rob’s story is an inspiration to me, and I’m sure it will be an inspiration to you too.

Tune in now to hear us discuss:

  1. What it feels like to NOT belong.
  2. The catalyst that inspired Rob to change his life.
  3. How to balance radical self-responsibility with an appreciation of your life’s context.
  4. Powerful options for letting go of negative energy.
  5. The difference between flow and passion.
  6. How Rob figured out who he really was.
  7. Rage, the call for equality, and channelling collective anger at these times
  8. Rob’s definition of purpose.
  9. Tips for unlayering the need to belong.
  10. And more…

Rob Sirstins