Susie Moore

Susie Moore

Episode 132


One Minute To Confidence, Courage, and Stopping The Need For Approval From Others

EP. 132 Confidence is simple. It’s not loud, it’s not anything that can be defined by a particular skill or personality type. It’s simply this: the willingness to experience negative emotion

How much of your vision for life is impacted by what others say or think about you? How often do you hold yourself back or talk yourself out of taking action because your confidence lets you down?

Who could you be, what could you have, and where would you go if you could create approval from within and create a story that showered you with positivity, freedom, and relentless joy?

This episode’s guest is the incredible Susie Moore – and she dances in this creative, curious space every day! Susie believes that joyful, loving, connected people are POWERFUL. It’s why she says that her only obligation is to have a joyful life – and in doing so, she serves as an example to others of what a joyful life looks and feels like.

If you’re ready to be more confident [and feel more joyful in the process], this episode is for you.

Susie is a Miami-based life coach and author of Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life. Susie’s been featured on everything from the Today show, to Refinery29, Forbes, and more. She has an infectious personality and a beautiful sense of humor which inspires joy just by being near her. Susie comes with a powerful message that reality is an interpretation and the truth is up to all of us. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to create a life full of freedom and joy? Discover how in this episode when Susie and I explore:

  1. The dangers of confusing approval with worthiness.
  2. Why inner steadiness and approval must come from within.
  3. The danger of looking for fulfilment outside of yourself.
  4. What is freedom [and why our false beliefs make success fleeting].
  5. Why the cause and effect model doesn’t work.
  6. How to access your confidence in 7 seconds.
  7. Why joy is undervalued as a superpower – even though it’s your secret weapon
  8. And more!

Susie Moore