Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan

Episode 131


Why Practicing Self-Compassion In Crisis Is So Important

EP. 131 Nobody wants your perfect, everyone just wants your human

This episode’s guest is no stranger to the Stay Grounded Podcast. Nataly Kogan was one of our very first guests when we launched back in 2017. Nataly’s ‘Happier’ message was powerful back then, but it feels even more potent now – thanks to the new normal we’re navigating ourselves through.

This current climate is bringing out the worst – and the best in us. Lockdown and all its associated uncertainties has pulled out the rug in so many areas of our lives. Trying to make sense of it all is tough and new emotions, fears, and experiences are constantly bubbling up.

Nataly’s message of self-compassion is vital under these pressures. With the stresses we face right now, mistakes are inevitable. We’re going to get triggered and frustrated and that’s OK because as Nataly reminds us we’re all human and perfection is inauthentic.

And amongst it all, self-compassion is the gateway to freedom, happiness, and joy.

Nataly Kogan is a refugee, mama, artist, and the founder of Happier – an organization [and Nataly’s life purpose] on a mission to help millions of people thrive in work and life by improving their emotional health with science-backed skills and practices.

Nataly believes happiness is a skill you can master as well as a feeling you experience. And because it’s a skill, that means you work at being happier.

In this episode, Nataly reveals some of her favorite practices and insights designed to help you feel more compassionate to yourself and others.  Tune in now to hear about:

  1. How do you find happiness in turmoil?
  2. Navigating the ‘valley of suffering’ through acceptance.
  3. Why does the ego create suffering if its role is to protect us?
  4. How self-compassion increases resilience and growth.
  5. How to practice self-love when your mistakes hurt others.
  6. The power packed question to ask when you start losing yourself in fear, guilt, and self-criticism.
  7. Why perfection is a coping mechanism that keeps you from feeling a spectrum of emotions.
  8. And more!

Nataly Kogan