Jon Krop

Jon Krop

Episode 130


Meditation, Mindfulness, & Living Skillfully In The Modern World

EP. 130 When you just leave your mind alone for extended periods of time, you start to see profound depths and profound stillness

We live in beautiful times where meditation is no longer a fringe ritual. You can even practice on your phone in the comfort of your home any time you choose!

This is good news because meditation as a practice offers profound benefits. You can expect everything from the ability to create stillness and clarity to an awareness of the vast potential we have as humans.

But what happens if you’re a ‘bad’ meditator?

And what layers are we really uncovering when we sit with stillness and become the observer of our thoughts?

In this powerful episode, mindfulness teacher Jon Krop explains how you can use meditation to live more skillfully in the modern world. His insights could be life-changing for you.

Jon Krop is a Harvard-educated lawyer and mindfulness expert who’s been meditating for over 13 years. Through his company Mindfulness For Lawyers, Jon has taught mindfulness at Harvard, Yale, the Pentagon, the world’s top law firms, Fortune 100 companies, and other organizations.

His obsession for mindfulness began at law school as he explored strategies to increase his grades and get a cognitive edge. After a chance meeting in Argentina led him to study with the Dalai Lama’s Latin American translator, Jon explored the spiritual benefits too. Although Jon has studied with traditional Buddhist teachers, his teaching style resonates with people who aren’t drawn to chanting, crystals, and new age overtones. If that sounds like you then you’ll especially love this interview!

Given our current times, an ability to create stillness, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity is more important than ever – and Jon is here to help you walk that essential path.

Here’s a taste of what Jon and I discuss:

  • The story of Jon’s transition from law to mindfulness.
  • The power of week-long meditation retreats.
  • Jon’s response to coronavirus.
  • The potency of impermanence and why we need to embody this reality.
  • How to feel grounded enough to surrender.
  • The potential of these times to spark transformation and transcendence.
  • How do you empower someone who ‘can’t’ meditate.
  • What is meditation supposed to look like?
  • And more!

Check it out.

Jon Krop