John Wang

John Wang

Episode 129


The Insanity Of Burnout And Why It’s A Lie

EP. 129 There is a twelve step process to burnout. We start with excessive ambition and end with a total mental and physical collapse.

Have you noticed that burnout is a badge of honor? As a society, we place a high value on the hard work and the hustle – and if you’re burnt out, by definition you’re a hard worker!

But does burnout deliver the results you want? And is it even the best strategy to create success in business and in life? This episode’s guest says not. After burning out riddled with a collection of physical and emotional symptoms, John Wang realized there had to be a better route to success.

In this episode, John not only shares his story, but reveals the logic and story behind our willingness to burn out – so you can choose a more empowered path to your goals.

John Wang has been a speaker and an educator for the last 15 years. His passion is coaching high-achieving entrepreneurs and students to create productive, work-life balance systems that are focused on self compassion. In particular, John gets excited about creating tools and systems that empower people to live a balanced life.

John has traveled through over 50 countries and is also the founder of the OneKindness Challenge Movement – where he inspires people to change their life through an act of kindness each day.

In this beautiful episode, John and I talk about:

  • What does burnout mean?
  • Where does the stress that causes burnout come from?
  • How to find the balance between impact and avoiding burn out.
  • How to make hard work feel easy.
  • How to infuse fulfilment into work you don’t really enjoy.
  • John’s four questions for moving through procrastination.
  • John’s definition of purpose.
  • And more…

If your ego has a hustle tendency, but your heart wants more balance, do not miss this episode. When you understand the internal dialogue and stories that promote burnout, you’ll never want to choose that path again.

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John Wang