Aaron Houghton

Aaron Houghton

Episode 128


The Surprising Dangers Of Living A 10/10 Life

EP. 128 There is a cost to trying to be successful. There is a cost to trying to change the world. For many entrepreneurs and founders, it is destroying us and our companies.

Does success require burnout? Can you build a thriving business and live a calm life? As a society, we’ve been raised on a diet where hard work equals the path to success, but is that really true? What’s more, are the sacrifices involved with the high stress, high-success ethos actually contributing to the lifestyle and results we really want?

After finding himself on the floor of his dream home unable to move, Aaron Houghton realized there had to be a better way to live. An entrepreneur since the age of 17, Aaron launched more than ten tech startups – including one which he sold to a publicly traded company for $169 million before his 30th birthday.

He’d ‘made’ it! The money, the business, the awards… but after pushing himself to his limits, Aaron began to question if the panic attacks, debilitating anxiety, and chronic stress was a required sacrifice – or was there another way?

Over the past five years, Aaron has been on a mission to save entrepreneurs from themselves so they can change the world. He’s passionate about studying how entrepreneurs manage stress and uses his insights to build his own techniques that deliver high performance without compromising mental and physical health.

And in this must-hear podcast, Aaron shares insights and strategies to help you experience calm while you make an impact.

Here’s a taste of what we discuss:

  1. How to differentiate between fears that are irrational and fears that keep you safe.
  2. What does calm feel like?
  3. The three resources we should be managing.
  4. The bigger reason why Aaron reduced his alcohol intake.
  5. Why entrepreneurs need to fall in love with the process and not the outcome.
  6. How to navigate the sine wave of life.
  7. A list of Aaron’s daily rituals that help him create calm.
  8. How to release the need for external validation.
  9. The simple litmus test that warns you it’s time to slow down.

If you’re ready to do the thing you’re here to do without losing yourself in the process, this episode is for you. Don’t miss it!

Aaron Houghton