Grace Smith

Grace Smith

Episode 126


How To Heal Past Trauma And Change Your Life Through Hypnotherapy

EP. 126 My definition for hypnosis is ‘meditation with a goal’.

Why do we find it so difficult to do the things we really want to do? Why do we struggle to build the business of our dreams, create the abundance we crave, or attract the perfect partner?

In this episode, you’ll discover that all your beliefs and habits originate in your subconscious. You can’t rewire these parts of you through logic alone, instead, you need to access the power of suggestion – and that’s only available to you when your brain is in a theta state.

It’s for this reason that hypnosis is such a powerful and transformative technique. Guide yourself into theta state and you can dial down fear, and do the deep, inner work that rewires what you believe about yourself. Then anything becomes possible.

And in this important episode, Grace Smith – a pioneer in the hypnotherapy field reveals how. Listen to this episode and not only will you discover the theoretical reasons why hypnotherapy works. You’ll also experience the benefits through a group hypnosis exercise. Don’t miss it

After quitting her chain smoking habit with a single session, Grace Smith instinctively understood the immense power of hypnotherapy. Inspired to learn more about how the mind works, Grace committed to getting certified – then Alex changed her life…

Alex was left paralyzed when his convoy was bombed during a UN peace mission in Syria. In Alex’s first hypnotherapy session with Grace, he was able to move his left hand. This was the turning point for Grace and ignited her mission to make hypnosis mainstream.

Today, Grace is an author, speaker, and pioneer in the hypnotherapy field. She works with Fortune 500 CEOs, A-list celebrities, Olympic athletes, and government officials. She’s also the Founder of the world’s #1 provider of hypnosis education, products and services and leads a world-class hypnotherapy certification program. Her work has been featured in everything from Marie Claire to Forbes and Entrepreneur.

  1. Why is hypnotherapy such an effective tool inside crisis and chaos?
  2. How do you get started with hypnosis?
  3. The importance of believability when using hypnosis to transform your life.
  4. The real reason hypnosis can be a solution to just about anything.
  5. The importance of going back to the source in hypnotherapy.
  6. Why trauma-causing events always happen earlier than you think.
  7. Grace’s personal journey to hypnotherapy.
  8. The story of Alex and how hypnosis helped him break through paralysis.
  9. And more…

Grace Smith

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