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Jayson Gaddis

Episode 125


Strategies To Keep Your Relationship Thriving

EP. 125 The only thing stopping people from an outstanding relationship is the willingness to create it.

For a lot of people, these are challenging times for their relationships. Thanks to social distancing, a shift to remote working, and shelter-in-place orders and advice, we’re around our loved ones a lot more than usual. Add in the stress and uncertainty of this global pandemic and we’re in line for some “crunchy” conversations on the home front!

But amongst all the chaos there are beautiful opportunities to create an ‘indestructible’ relationship. And in this episode, I’m interviewing the man who can help you create this experience for yourself.

So if you want your relationship to thrive in the long-term, you’re in for a treat! Jayson Gaddis is here to share a truckload of tips, strategies, and philosophies to ensure your love can thrive – even under pressure.

Jayson Gaddis is an author, podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, and Founder of The Relationship School®. A world-leader in relationship education, Jayson leads the most comprehensive training in the world on intimate relationships and partnerships. His mission; to reach 1,000,000 teens and young adults with formal relationship education. Jayson is also the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence and trains people from around the world how to be effective relational leaders and coaches.

Married for 13 years with two beautiful kids, Jayson lives and breathes relationships and is in the business of earning his relationship stripes every day.

Here’s a taste of what Jayson and I discuss in this deep-dive conversation.

  1. What creates conflict and unease in relationships when we’re forced into isolation.
  2. Jayson’s list of strategies to connect with yourself.
  3. How to navigate a relationship where you’re on different growth paths.
  4. Techniques to keep your relationship thriving during difficult times.
  5. Why do people take relationships for granted?
  6. What does it mean to learn how to love?
  7. Do we need a different set of values for relationships than for other areas of our life?
  8. How do you know where to pinpoint your focus to improve your relationship?

Jayson Gaddis

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