Thanh Pham

Thanh Pham

Episode 124


How To Optimize Your Happiness & Productivity When Working from Home

EP. 124 We are going through some chaotic times right now, but there is opportunity – as long as we’re willing to recognise it and also capitalize on it.

Globally this situation sucks. We’re experiencing massive changes across all areas of our lives. You can’t downplay or under-estimate the wave of destruction that’s currently making its way across the globe, but you can choose to dive into the fresh opportunities that are bubbling up.

Take working from home. With shelter-in-place recommendations popping up everywhere, people are being forced to work and live in alien ways. But with the right strategies and mindsets, you can choose to create more happiness and productivity out of this crazy situation.

And in this well-timed episode, Thanh Pham is here to reveal exactly how you can do that.

Thanh Pham is the founder of Asian Efficiency – a remote company that helps people become more productive at work and in life. Thanh is a thought leader in the productivity space and has been featured in many publications including Fast Company,, Forbes, and The Globe & Mail.

In this episode, Thanh shares his favorite productivity principles and strategies to inspire you to make the most of this challenging situation – and create a life you love.

Here’s a taste of all the goodness Thanh and I discuss:

  • The specific steps Thanh is taking to block out unnecessary online noise.
  • How to get into a space where it’s possible to make proactive decisions.
  • Why the right relationships accelerate your productivity.
  • How Thanh was forced to get over himself so he could ask for the help he needed.
  • The practices Thanh uses to create a grounded state in chaos.
  • Thanh’s five-minute activity for optimizing your life for happiness.
  • The three things to do NOW if your current situation doesn’t make you feel happy.
  • Just because you’re staying at home, doesn’t mean you have to be less social.
  • How do you transition to working from home productively?
  • Why dressing up makes remote working more productive.
  • Thanh’s four tips for productive home working.

Thanh Pham