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Bryan Meehan

Episode 121


From Climate Change To Scaling Blue Bottle Coffee. The Wide-Reaching Problems That Caring Helps Solve

EP. 121 Care is just a conscious decision that we all have to make.

Bryan Meehan is the CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee – a sustainable, environmentally conscious company that’s transforming coffee experiences across North America and Asia.

As well as achieving huge success as an entrepreneur, what impresses me about Bryan is his ability to devote so much time and attention to his wife and children. A true family man, Bryan is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice relationships for work. Instead, you can create extraordinary success in both.

I discovered one of the reasons Bryan has created harmonious balance in his life is his commitment to caring. The level of care he shows to everything from his colleagues to the environment is inspiring. But dive into his backstory, and you understand why. Raised in a very poor Irish family, both Bryan’s parents experienced tough childhoods. They wanted more for Bryan, and while they didn’t have money, they did have an endless ability to care. This legacy infuses through everything Bryan does, and his belief in the power of caring is crystal clear in this episode. He has a lot to teach us [and we have a lot to learn].

Tune into this episode now and discover how caring has the power to change the world. From seemingly insignificant actions [such as bringing a refillable cup when you buy a coffee], to the bigger decisions [such as Bryan’s intentional decision work with Nestle], Bryan’s insights give me hope that caring really does have the ability to help solve a huge spectrum of global problems.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Bryan and I dive down a rabbit hole with a multitude of twists and turns. Tune in now to discover:

  1. How Bryan defines care.
  2. Why Bryan’s upbringing inspired him to care as much as he does.
  3. The beautiful reason Bryan asks nature’s permission before he steps out.
  4. Why a lack of caring is causing the planet to fight back.
  5. How Bryan created a harmonious relationship between his family and work.
  6. The reason self-care empowers Bryan to look after his employees.
  7. Why individual acts of caring can be a catalyst that changes the world.
  8. The inspiring truth about Bryan’s motivation to work with Nestle.
  9. And more…

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Bryan Meehan