Steve Pirie

Steve Pirie

Episode 120


Eradicating Loneliness: How Curiosity Helps You Live A More Connected Life

EP. 120 Curiosity sparks these amazing conversations that bring wisdom and willingness together. It’s the catalyst for something truly magical.

After leaving school at 16, Steve Pirie set himself a target. He wanted to be a millionaire by the time he was 30. But after building a business, which he later sold, Steve didn’t feel the way he expected. He tried building another business, but because it didn’t have enough zeros, he didn’t feel successful. As a result, he spiralled out of control and hit rock bottom leaving him with a choice. Did he cross the line, or did he pick himself back up and reinvent himself.

The journey of entrepreneurship can be lonely – in fact, life can be lonely. Our world may be more connected than ever, but many of us still feel isolated and disconnected. This problem is compounded by social media. It’s hard to live up to other people’s social highlights.

Inspired by his desire to combat loneliness, Steve’s on a mission to bring people together through live experiences that change their world. From events for entrepreneurs to experiences that connect the young and old; combining willingness with wisdom, Steve is helping people feel less alone.

Steve’s reinvention is the spark behind his passion for creating safe psychological spaces at his live events through his company, Wonder and Wander. At these events, Steve inspires people to wonder and wander – so they can unleash their inner genius and feel closer to other people.

We dive deep into the rabbit hole during this beautiful conversation, exploring:

  1. How does curiosity cure loneliness?
  2. The power of holding safe psychological space and its impact on loneliness.
  3. How you can create a lifestyle that makes curiosity your default mindset.
  4. How habits and rituals create who you are.
  5. What inspired Steve to get vulnerable and open up.
  6. How to get off autopilot and take back control of your life.
  7. The Four Fs you need to care about.
  8. An alternative to bulldozing through your turbulent emotions.
  9. And more…

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Steve Pirie