Erin Pheil

Erin Pheil

Episode 118


How To Eliminate Negative Beliefs and Create a Life of Freedom

EP. 118 When a belief is created, it literally becomes a pair of glasses over your eyes. As you move forward in life, all the different events that you experience get filtered through that lens.

Erin Pheil wanted to feel differently. She was desperate to let go of the constant judgements and the feeling of not being good enough, but she couldn’t. Erin turned to countless courses and therapies, but despite changing her habits, thoughts, and actions, nothing seemed to stick.

Then finally, after a 3-year battle with pain and depression, Erin discovered the ‘magic’ formula and got out of her own way. Not only was this formula uncomplicated, but it generated long-lasting results quickly.

As the founder of the MindFix Group, Erin shares her process with entrepreneurs and high-achievers to help them get unstuck. Her secret? Unravelling and rewiring the beliefs that lead to self-sabotage and disappointing results. Her MindFix mind-transformation program has a 96.1% success rate, and Erin’s work has featured in countless books, magazines, and newspapers.

So if you’re ready to create a permanent shift in your life and be free of limiting beliefs that keep you in a box, tune in now. I promise, you’ll be raving about this incredible episode.

Our beliefs create certainty and prediction – and that makes us feel safe. But the beliefs directing your adult world weren’t chosen by you. Instead, they got cemented during childhood – and chances are they’re keeping you from your extraordinary life.

But don’t worry, because now you’ve got Erin! In this episode, Erin explains how changing your beliefs changes your life. Here’s an overview of the topics we discuss.

  1. How are beliefs made?
  2. The most powerful question an adult can ask themselves when interacting with a child.
  3. Why basic self-care is essential as you navigate to a new set of beliefs.
  4. What roles do feelings play in our beliefs?
  5. Why reinterpreting past events can powerfully reshape your current beliefs.
  6. Why we resist or reject evidence that conflicts with our core beliefs [even if new evidence would serve us better]
  7. Why it’s safe to let go of beliefs – even the ones that have served you.
  8. How to unpick unhelpful beliefs.
  9. Why an internal locus of control makes it easier to experience change.
  10. The best time to start using affirmations.
  11. Brutal honesty and the three empowering questions to ask yourself each day.
  12. The three ‘Blocker beliefs’ you need to get rid of first.
  13. And more…

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Erin Pheil