Re Perez

Re Perez

Episode 117


The Journey To Loving Yourself: How To Be Authentically You

EP. 117 I’m the most powerful and the most confident when I know who I am.

In this episode, I’m diving down the rabbit hole with Re Perez – author of Your Brand Should Be Gay [Even If You’re Not]. As a seasoned brand strategist, Re has consulted with everyone from Xerox to Nielsen Company, and GE money. He started his own branding company in 2011 and is now an international speaker, author, and CEO of Branding For The People. In fact, Re is the guy to go to if you want to build an iconic, powerhouse brand to optimize your impact.

As an advocate for authenticity in life and work, Re’s superpower is helping entrepreneurs create a brand that reduces the gap between how you want to be perceived and the reality you project to the world. What’s beautiful if the way Re’s backstory weaves into his work and how his own quest for acceptance, self-love, and the courage to be your authentic self is now inspiring others to seek the same.

In this beautiful episode, Re shares the real story behind his decision to show up authentically. So get ready for countless truth bombs designed help you be more you. Don’t miss it!

Re’s commitment to expressing his authentic self in all areas of his life is an inspiration to me, and I’m sure it will be for you too. So get ready to load up on insights and techniques that will help you embrace authenticity as a way of being in both your business and your life.

Here’s a taste of the topics we discuss

  1. Why Re’s upbringing didn’t make him feel safe to be authentically who he is.
  2. What is brand?
  3. Why being OK with who you are NOT – creates the space you need to be who you want to BE.
  4. Why people don’t seek to uncover the life they really want.
  5. How the universe persuaded Re to start his own brand agency.
  6. How perceived dragons stop us from being our authentic self.
  7. Why you mustn’t use authenticity as a tool.
  8. Why you don’t need to separate work and play into separate buckets.
  9. How Re’s mum’s terminal diagnosis taught him how to stay on his north star when life gets tough.
  10. How community keeps Re grounded.
  11. The art and science of authentic branding.

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Re Perez