Raj Jana

Episode 116


Mindful Techniques For A Better Relationship With Yourself

EP. 116 I want to be a shining example that you can have your cake and eat it. You can escape the life you were born into. You can do something more if you want.

In this special edition episode, the tables are turned! I’m the one in the hot seat with Justin Francisco from the Mindful Impact podcast interviewing me.

Justin went down the rabbit hole too asking a ton of incredible questions. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share some of my personal philosophies on everything from extraordinary living, to the power of self-awareness, to my own journey from cubicle job to CEO of a 7-figure company.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about how I think about life, business, and spirituality, this is your chance.

Justin and I cover a lot of ground in this deep dive conversation. Here’s a taste of the topics we discuss:

  • What makes my heart sing?
  • The 5-minute story that got me to where I am today.
  • What happened when I infused a practice to reflection in my life.
  • Why you keep creating the same experiences over and over.
  • How to get yourself in a mindset of being the person you want to be.
  • Why I decided to take on the identity of an entrepreneur while I was still an employee.
  • The difference between your ego and your true self.
  • Why the things you resonate with give you clues to your best life.
  • Why borrowed traits can hold us back from our inner Hero.
  • Why I budget for personal development.
  • My relationship with money – and how it’s changed over time.
  • The four types of delegation and how to use this process to be more productive.
  • What would I tell my 18-year-old self?

This episode first aired on the Mindful Impact podcast on Monday, 2nd Dec 2019 and was recorded before Kobe Bryant’s tragic death. 

LINK –  https://lnns.co/CaQN0HA_u6S

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Raj Jana

Original Show Notes from Mindful Impact Podcast

  • Raj is from stay ground podcast, javapress company
  • What makes raj’s heart sing? Doing things he loves with people he loves

what is the five minute raj story?

was a petro engineer, found out he didn’t want a cubicle job, started looking into entrepreneur

started java press.

his mentor died three months before retirement.

This was the initial fire to him to do something more while working.

broke one million at coffee company.

didn’t understand why he worked so hard mentor told him to slow down and reflect to be more mindful with his life

“your mess becomes your message”

stay grounded was just a tagline that became his life long message and then his podcast. Then started speaking more, but at the roots still an entrepreneur.

was awareness natural for raj how did he become more mindful?

raj believes he is very spiritual, there is something out there

his mentor passing was like a drum bang from the universe that shook him and caused him to take a deep breath, check in and see how you feel.

3% of our brain is conscience the rest is processing something

starts his day by writing a list of what he is grateful for.

infused a practice of reflection into his life.

pay attention, not just the outside world but on your inside as well.

start building a muscle of checking in.

listen to your gut voice, the inner voice

The inner voice doesn’t get louder but your ears get better at listening for it.

Raj thinks our brain wants us to survive not thrive.

The brain can stop us from hearing our inner voice because it is trying to make the survival choice.

talks about a woman constantly in bad relationships because she knows how to survive it. Deep down the mind thinks it can survive these experiences but making a lasting relationship feels like a greater risk.

talks about how the mind constantly makes excuses because it wants to just survive.

humans act on what they believe to be true, if you believe you’re an athlete you will be.

rajs mindset practice is to replace thoughts that don’t work with ones that do work.

you will act like a success if you believe you are.

Beliefs are what drives the change, actions are hard all alone.

raj listened and surrounded himself with people who he wanted to be

had steve job quotes and affirmation statements.

the world will always catch up to you, when you change what you want and crave then you will start noticing it in the world around you. this will start the momentum train.

it’s hardest to try and fail and fall into the victim mindset.

justin talks about shifting his perspective,

for example child screaming, write down how he is grateful his son is healthy and can scream

mindfulness is about coming back to that great knowing deep inside you and silencing the negative thoughts in the mind

raj has three key notes

-side hustle into impactful seven figure movement

– grow business through impact driven commerce

– the art of experiencing an extraordinary life

we have been trained to not trust ourselves

It’s all BS that we need to unravel to who we really are and what we are capable of

if you are aligning with your heart and brain you just can’t go wrong

justin talks about how he was the asshole of the group and laughed it off, finally discovered he doesn’t want/have to be that.

raj says you have your true self and your borrowed self. The borrowed self comes from others around you. The mind says these are safe to be in public.

the true self is always rooted in love and kindness.

everyone really has good intentions and just don’t know better. If they knew better they would be better

love is the highest frequency on the planet

loving person walks into a room and everyone in the room can feel it

when you feel a loving resonance this is a time to listen and find out what is happening.

qualities you admire in others and resonate with might be something you want in your future self.

you can find things you like in others for yourself and also the opposite. the things you don’t like that are in you, you can then let go of.

justin never heard of borrowed traits in this situation. Reminds him of how he borrowed some traits he no longer likes.

raj says the idea of a man is a borrowed trait.

raj thinks we are going through something amazing where men are learning female traits

women and adopting masculine traits. explains it like yin and yang. leanring to share the best of both.

justin asks about rajs mentors

Raj says his greatest budget is education it is about one hundred grand a year (master mind, mentors everything)

started personal education in marketing because he didn’t know much, then noticed he didn’t know much about himself so he started investing into mindfulness

Raj talked about starting his business with large investments making him feel uncomfortable. A lot going out even though he knew it would come back

raj wants to tell everyone listening that if you have a trait you don’t want you can change it.

Raj says some people don’t want to know because then they become responsible for changing.

ignorance is easier

the first step is taking ownership that these traits caused all of this pain and I am going to change it.

Justin says reach out to the people you seek for content.

Raj’s main income is from his businesses.

he has several businesses that he runs

raj manages time through delegation

Raj “if you get an A on a test would you be happy, does it matter if it is 90 or 100? it’s still an A get it and move on”

Raj says delegate as much as you can so you can start new businesses. Don’t try and do everything

outsource your competent and incompetent tasks do you can focus on you greatest strengths.

get into the habit of delegating, get one thing off of your plate. Look at where you are spending you time and equate it. look at your budget and and ask can I afford that.

incompetent: stuff you suck at

competent: you can do but wastes your time



instead of spending hours doing something mundane spend one hour to figure out how to do it faster or easier.

what would raj tell 18 year old himself.

“you are where you need to be and keep an open mind”

“the things you want may not actually get you what you really want”