Jackie Knechtel and Justin Faerman

Justin Faerman & Jackie Knechtel

Episode 114


How To Quit Resisting And Lean Into Life Fully

EP.114 Flow states are getting to peak state and peak performance. Flow consciousness is taking that and stretching it out so you’re living in flow all of the time.

Hard work where “no pain equals no gain” is a cultural meme inherited from our grandparents, parents, and the media. But what if you could create a more extraordinary life by embracing flow?

When you’re programmed to believe hustle and grind equals success, it’s tempting to doubt the ‘easier’ path. But when you align with your true self, you can work from a place of ease, grace, and pure inspiration.

Flow consciousness creates this reality – and Justin Faerman and Jackie Knechtel are global pioneers in the art and science of living this way. Together, they conducted first-hand research into the nature of flow consciousness. Turning their discoveries into the flow methodology and tools, Justin and Jackie help their clients rewire and reprogram their consciousness. Nowadays, Justin and Jackie run high-level training programs through the Flow Consciousness Institute. They teach entrepreneurs and visionaries how to embrace flow to create exponential growth and success from a place of effortlessness.

And in this episode, they share how you can explore this life for yourself.

Justin and Jackie’s work has featured in Fast Company and Forbes magazine. Their practices are highly sought after by business and transformational leaders worldwide because they are so impactful. So get ready for some magic in this episode.

Here’s a taste of what we talk about:

  • What’s the difference between flow states and flow consciousness?
  • The conditioning that takes us out of flow consciousness.
  • How to navigate traumatic experiences without losing yourself in the pain and emotion.
  • Cultural memes and the big problem with the ‘no pain, no gain’ approach to business and life.
  • How does the concept of surrender play into flow?
  • Why flow consciousness can keep us safe by guiding us to better choices and decisions.
  • The “boss mode”  level of intuition – and how to access it.
  • Tips to cultivate your intuition muscle – even if you don’t believe you possess this is a skill.
  • Why you should treat emotions like clouds in the sky.
  • Jackie’s experience of how grief transformed into elation.

Why you always have a choice – regardless of the circumstances you face.

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Justin Faerman & Jackie Knechtel