Emerald GreenForest

Emerald GreenForest

Episode 113


How To Connect With Your Body and Set Yourself Free

EP. 113 The word “art,” to me, is about owning my power as a creative channel in the world.

It’s not unusual for spiritual entrepreneurs to experience a significant shift in their life. This was the case for this episode’s guest – Emerald GreenForest. As a real estate agent, Emerald was crushing it. She was the National Chair of her Trade Association and was running a hugely successful company.

But it was a facade. Under the surface, Emerald’s life was a mess – until a ski accident led her to a life-changing yoga class. Inspired to create peace, Emerald left her soul-sucking career to study crystal healing and shamanic medicine. She learned to activate her multidimensional senses [which we all have], and figured out a way to create a creative life of her choosing.

This incredible journey led Emerald to become founder of the Creative Age Consulting Group, an internationally known speaker, a transformation artist, and the hostess of a Top 100 Apple podcast – Men On Purpose, which I had the pleasure of being on last year.

And in this episode, Emerald shares her experiences of spiritual transformation – so you can walk a similar path.

In this episode, Emerald and I explore the ins and out of a spiritual transformation – and what to expect along the way. Here’s a flavor of what we discuss:

  • We throw the word around a lot, but what is healing?
  • When trying to discern between false and truth, how do you know what truth feels like?
  • How divine intervention led to a yoga class which became a peace activation.
  • How to cultivate the courage to feel how you really feel?
  • The power of a coffee ritual and what it can invite us to experience on a daily basis.
  • If intuition is the paintbrush inside of us, how do you harness and cultivate it?
  • The four multi-dimensional senses we all have and how to activate yours.
  • The spiritual tools that empower you to create your own life.
  • Why we can be joyful in our sadness.
  • How to turn every act into a prayer so you can avoid feeling resentful.

I love hearing the perspectives of others, especially when they come from different walks of life than I do. We’re all unique, which means we all have different catalysts and wake-up calls. But it seems the journey is usually fueled by the same desire – to become the person we always knew we could be.

So if you’re excited to navigate a big life change and you want to dive deeper into purposeful living, this episode is for you. So tune in now and get ready to be wowed by your new friend, Emerald GreenForest.

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Emerald GreenForest