Kris Dehnert THow To Figure Out What’s Most Important In Your Life

Kris Dehnert

Episode 112


How To Figure Out What’s Most Important In Your Life

EP. 112 No matter how far or fast you fall, if you’ve helped enough people, you’re always going to come out on top.

Kris Dehnert used to be an opportunist. He was ‘good enough’ to crush a wide range of projects and this skill led him to found eight different businesses in a variety of verticals including fitness, real estate, eCommerce and consulting. Kris made a lot of money driven by the ‘lie’ that he was doing it for the family. 

Until the day he nearly died…

The year was 2015 and his first daughter was just a few months old. The abdominal pain was so intense, Kris was forced to take refuge on the floor of a Starbucks restroom. But instead of visiting the hospital, Kris decided to return home, take some pills, and carry on. After all, he had meetings booked and deals to close.

When the pain didn’t subside after a few days, Kris did go to hospital – and the prognosis wasn’t good. He needed emergency surgery and was given a 30% chance of surviving.

Post surgery, Kris had time to reflect on his choices. This near life-ending experience forced Kris to reassess everything in his life. He learned to say no, he overhauled his priorities, and he figured out how to build a business and a life by design.

Fast-forward to January 2020, and Kris just had his second baby – but his life is unrecognisable. He’s still a hustler, but he only works on meaningful projects that he loves – such as Dugout Mugs, which is currently experiencing exponential growth.

Kris’s story is an inspiration. He’s proof that when you know your why, anything is possible. Check out some of the things Kris and I discuss in this powerful episode:

  • How does being a father make you a better entrepreneur?
  • How do you escape the trap of equating busy with valuable?
  • Why you must remove yourself from the things you’re not good at.
  • The power of saying NO.
  • The blessings that show up when you align yourself back on your path.
  • The full story of how Kris nearly died.
  • Why it’s OK to not finish the books you start.
  • The story behind the exponential growth of Dugout Mugs.
  • And more…

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Kris Dehnert