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Episode 110


Lessons From A Decade

EP. 110 You have the power to choose in every single moment.

Hey lovely listeners…

This is a slightly different episode than normal because it’s just me and no guest. But as I’m publishing this on the day before the 2010’s end, I wanted some quality time with you to reflect and share this decade’s biggest lessons.

It’s my hope that you’ll feel inspired to do the same in your life as a result of this week’s show.

And if you’re in the game for making 2020 the start of something extraordinary, make sure you listen to the end for a very special announcement. For the right people, it’s going to be life-changing.

In this quick-fire episode you’ll discover:

  • The most significant things this decade has taught me about business, life, and everything in between.
  • How I know that EVERYTHING is happening for you [even the seemingly tough bits]
  • What becomes possible when you infuse a practice of reflection in your life
  • The reason autopilot is the death of us – and what we should do instead
  • My focus word for 2020.
  • How I’m honoring my word in my commitment to YOU
  • And more…

Check it out.

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Raj Jana