Carol Rydell

Carol Rydell

Episode 108


How To Navigate The Natural Cycles of Life

EP.108 I never make a wrong decision, I make the most informed decision of the moment.

Carol Rydell is a spiritual seeker and the founder and director of New Earth Wealth Mystery School™. In this role, she serves as a mentor and catalyst for amazing souls and spiritual entrepreneurs who are deeply committed to their growth and transformation. In her ‘safe containers’, Carol guides people on a mystical journey where they connect with their inner shaman so they can come to love and trust themselves on a level they’ve never experienced before.

Carol is no stranger to navigating the ups and downs of life – something she describes as learning to live in fluidity. For example, she followed her soul’s calling to sell her accountancy firm at the height of her career so she could travel, learn about where abundance comes from, and discover parts of herself that she didn’t know existed.

In this episode, Carol explains how we can learn to navigate the waves of life by tapping into natural cycles. She reminds us that “as above, so below” and “as within, so without’. When you’re constantly hit by waves, and you never seem to be able to find the shore, life can feel tiring, but as Carole explains, this is all part of our journey to fluidity.

Carol has a beautiful approach to living life to the full. Her philosophies on aligning with nature and allowing natural rhythms to guide us through life’s ups and downs are inspiring. So if you’re feeling battered and bruised and you’re curious to understand the bigger picture at play, this episode is for you.

Tune in now and discover:

  • What natural cycles can teach us about all areas of our lives
  • What called Carol to leave her career at its peak
  • The difference between mastery and fluidity – and why different people have different paths
  • How intention can plug the leaks in your life that prevent you from creating what you want
  • Why Carol’s late husband was right when he claimed, “I never make a wrong decision”
  • A foolproof way to distinguish your soul’s truth from your ego’s distractions
  • A simple method for discovering who you really are
  • And more…

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Carol Rydell