Larry Yatch

Larry Yatch

Episode 106

How To Navigate High-Stress Environments To Unlock Your Best

EP. 106 Fear is a gift. It is a gift that either keeps us safe or it’s a gift that gives us the power to make change in our life.

As a Navy Seal Officer who served in the Middle East between 1998 – 2008, Larry is used to showing up in situations where you’re genuinely walking the line between life and death.  But it was this unique military experience in high-pressure, high-stress environments that taught Larry how to lead successful teams.

Despite what you think it’s not individual survival or glory that motivates people to excel. Instead, it’s your ability to coordinate action with others and figure out how to be stronger together.

Today, Larry Yatch shares these insights with business leaders in his role as a leadership and behavior change expert for high performing teams. As the founder of Plan-Sight, Larry shares his proprietary leadership and planning systems to help teams unite behind purpose and get on the same page. It’s a role that’s seen him work with everyone from Merrill Lynch to Wells Fargo to UBS.

In this powerful episode, you’ll get to learn from Larry’s experience – taking away a truckload of tips that will help you thrive under pressure and nurture high-performing teams of your own. Check it out.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The reason team success trumps individual success.
  • The power of purpose for high-performing teams
  • Why we’re essentially cavemen and what this means for how we can best operate in the world
  • Why success requires you to separate your self-worth from your value – and how to do it
  • Why learning is transformational
  • Larry’s $0.25, $1, and $100 analogy for building self-regulation
  • And more…

Some people crumble under stress, while others thrive. Thanks to Larry’s unique background, he’s mastered what it takes to show up as your best under the most high-pressured environments imaginable. There are a ton of business and life takeaways waiting for you to pull from this episode. I can’t wait for you to unlock them all.

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Larry Yatch