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Finnian Kelly

Episode 103

How To Create Financial Happiness And Live A Life You Love

EP. 103 Money isn’t good or bad. It’s our relationship with money that is good or bad.

We say that money can’t buy happiness, but at the same time we believe money holds the solution to all kinds of problems and situations. It’s why we chase money, use finances as a measure of success, and tell ourselves that life will be better when our bank balance increases.

But is this the route to happiness, abundance, and freedom?

Fact is, there are plenty of miserable millionaires! Money in itself will not make you happy. More important than your net worth is the quality of your relationship with your finances. In this episode, entrepreneur, and the leading expert on intentional living and financial happiness – Finnian Kelly – explains how you can raise your money consciousness to live a more authentic life.

This episode is essential listening if you’re ready to discover how to better use your money and feel happy now.

Finnian Kelly is on a mission to challenge traditional views around money and the role it plays in our lives. Through his global retreats and award-winning Wealth Enhancers community, Finnian has guided hundreds of thousands of millennials [and others] into an intentional relationship money – helping them feel happier, freer, and more abundant. Finnian is also a sought out facilitator and leadership coach who regularly speaks at events for the entrepreneurial community. He’s the President of the Colorado Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization [the largest and most influential community of entrepreneurs in the world] and as a money expert, he’s shared his knowledge on TV and countless publications including Money Management, Smart Company, and Business Insider.

As you can imagine, I was super excited to dive down the rabbit hole! Here’s just a taster of what we explore in this episode:

  • The scary reason money pulls you out of the now
  • What defines a ‘good’ relationship with money
  • Why alignment is the key to financial happiness – and how to achieve this for yourself
  • What happens when you create wealth through balanced feminine and masculine energy
  • Why you’re not able to manifest the things you want for your life
  • What’s possible when you take three conscious breaths [exercise included]
  • Where creativity really comes from [hint: it’s not where you think]
  • Why Finnian is passionate about empowering millennial women – and how he’s doing it
  • And more…

Finnian believes money is more about values than it is about value. Financial freedom is a mental construct, and true success is far more multifaceted than the figures on a balance sheet. If you’re ready to use money to feel happy, abundant, and free, I promise – this is one episode you do not want to miss.

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Finnian Kelly