Olga Rickards

Episode 101

How To Create A Life You’re Excited To Jump Into Everyday

EP. 100 When you’ve found your purpose, the high of living with purpose is unmatched.

This episode’s guest is Olga Rickards – a bestselling author, regular guest speaker on positive psychology at the University of British Columbia, and a sought-after life coach to high achievers. She’s worked with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and executives running multi-billion dollar companies and she’s she’s co-authored books with Richard Branson and Brian Tracy.

Originally from communist Russia [statistically one of the unhappiest places on earth], Olga was often told she’d never amount to much. She was also born with a heart condition that placed limits over what she was able to do. But after emigrating to Canada in search of a better life, things began to turn around.

After a lot of soul searching, Olga discovered the universal truth that when you find your purpose and use your unique gifts to help others, the high is unmatched. And as a highly acclaimed life coach, she now lives this high everyday.

Olga uses her unconventional 3-step system to help high-achievers create more happiness and success and build a life they’re excited to jump into everyday. She does this by guiding people to connect with their subconscious mind to remove inner blocks, then rewire their brain for more confidence and inner peace – even while you sleep! And in this episode, she shows you how you can achieve similar results.

If you’ve ever thought there must be more to life, you’re right. Good news! Your subconscious mind has the answers. The reality is, a lot of your life is driven on autopilot by beliefs you made as a child. These beliefs may no longer represent your reality, but until you explore and heal them, you’ll reman blocked and limited.

In this episode, Olga walks you through her 3-Step system for connecting with your true self – so you can release negative energies stored in your body and discover your purpose.

Tune into this episode now to discover:

  • How to feel happier and lighter
  • Why your 12-year-old self remains highly significant to your day-to-day life
  • The lowest and highest frequency emotions you can experience
  • The exact amount of time needed to rewire your brain
  • The brain ‘machine’ analogy and how it can empower you to improve your life
  • What happens in your body if you don’t process ‘negative’ emotions
  • And more…

If you’re ready to remove inner blocks, rewire your brain, and set yourself up for more happiness and success, Olga’s episode is for you.

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Olga Rickards