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Brian Smith

Episode 100


Turning Big Failures Into a Billion-Dollar Brand - The Story of UGG Boots

EP. 100 There is some intelligence inside of us that has direction and leads us. Every time I make a decision that’s in alignment with that big purpose, I get goosebumps.

The internet, digital media, and ecommerce has made it easier than ever to build successful businesses. The last few decades have seen countless companies come and go, but only a small percentage of brands have what it takes to stick around long-term. It begs the question; what does it take to create a sustainable business with a legacy that can outlive its founder?

One of the most qualified people to answer this question is Brian Smith – the founder of the world-famous UGG Brand. Starting in the late 1970s with 500 imported boots and $500 in capital, Brian spent 17 years building the UGG brand in a multi-million dollar enterprise. After selling in 1995, the brand has continued to grow and over the past six years, annual sales have exceeded billions of  dollars. Despite global dominance, life with UGG wasn’t all rosy. Sales took years to take off in a meaningful way, and Brian faced enormous challenges – including a period when he lost his company. But despite all the pitfalls, Brian came out on top – and in this extra special 100th episode, he shares his reasons why.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a successful, sustainable brand, don’t miss it!

Nowadays, Brian is a sought after keynote speaker and mentor. After mastering business and building a much-loved brand that’s spanned decades, Brian helps entrepreneurs recognize and pursue their passions so they can create a fulfilling and successful life,

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How UGG was born in the surf shops of California
  • The surfer feedback that catapulted UGG’s sales – and will likely increase yours too
  • How Brian nearly lost UGGs
  • Why ignorance is essential for entrepreneurial success
  • What a brand really is [hint! It’s not what you think]
  • How Brian’s human life cycle business analogy will empower you to ride the ups and downs
  • What happens when you lean into your goosebumps
  • Brian’s biggest regret [you’ll want to hear this]
  • And more…

There are not many people who’ve successfully built an iconic brand – but Brian Smith is one of those unique individuals. In this special 100th episode of the Stay Grounded Podcast, you’ll discover the true story of how Brian Smith’s sheepskin boots transformed the American surf industry – and gave birth to a billion-dollar brand that’s still growing – nearly 40 years on.

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Brian Smith