Dr. Andre Paige

Episode 288


Accessing The Wisdom Of Astrology

Once you’ve built the canoe to cross the river, which is the threshold to awakening, you don’t continue walking with the canoe up the mountain. You leave the canoe there. – Dr. Andrea Paige

Dr. Andrea Paige is a dear friend, founder of The Institute for Aliveness, a world class fasting expert, passionate polymath, and gifted facilitator who has held space for 1000s to embark on the journey of inner transformation. I’ve been on a journey of understanding the depths of what astrology has to offer my own journey, and Andi’s guidance in that department has been profound in helping me make sense of present moment challenges and initiations in such a potent way. I’m excited to hear your takeaways.


Here are a few things we discuss:


  • The significance of the messy middle in the journey of transformation and stepping into one’s authentic self.
  • Understanding emotional inheritance and how early life experiences shape patterns and behaviors.
  • Recognizing the resistance to feeling shame and doing inner work, and its impact on personal growth.
  • The delicate balance between destiny and free will, and the role of astrology in offering insights into life.
  • Emphasizing the importance of listening from the heart instead of the mind to properly grasp spiritual concepts.
  • The significance of surrendering to the present moment and embracing life with a full “yes” in the journey of personal growth.
  • How to avoid falling into spiritual narcissism.
  • Emphasizing the power of nonverbal communication and connecting with nature as profound teachers.

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