When the corporate career that Raj had worked so hard to achieve failed to deliver the rapid progression he craved, Raj refused to wait his turn.

Fuelled by challenge and hungry for success, Raj didn’t want to settle for the path and pace others picked out for him. Instead, he wanted to set his own rules, push against convention, and explore his limits on HIS terms.

So he started JavaPresse Coffee Company and ran it alongside his full-time job. 

From a standing start and zero business experience, Raj transformed his small Amazon store into a 7 - figure business in less than a year.

More than that, he transformed the way people perceive coffee through his storytelling branding, his dedication to the customer experience, and his refusal to accept convention as the truth.

After seeing the results first-hand, Raj understands what’s possible when story-centric branding, marketing, and company culture, combine with conscious capitalism.

He’s now committed to sharing his knowledge with other physical product businesses to help them transform ordinary products and services into impactful brands that generate a healthy profit while making a meaningful difference.

Sought after for media appearances, Raj loves talking about the mindset, commitment, and know-how needed to turn business into a vehicle that fuels an extraordinary life and leaves a lasting legacy.

Raj’s specialties include:

  • Building bootstrapped impact-driven physical product businesses from scratch.
  • Planning (and delivering) rapid, strategic sales growth using Amazon.com.
  • Message-based branding & story-centric marketing that connects target audiences with the company culture that lives within individual organizations.
  • Creating powerful customer experiences that build loyalty & increase a customer’s lifetime value.
  • Transforming ordinary products and brands into levers of extraordinary meaning, impact, and fulfillment.
  • Using entrepreneurship and business as a vehicle to create a rich, fulfilling, extraordinary life


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